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At Concise, we believe in changing the world by building digital products for growth companies.

With our flat organization structure, everyone is heard and has the opportunity to constantly learn new technologies, improve processes and develop their skills. Most of our customers are based in Scandinavia - some are product companies with millions of users, while some are newcomers to the market.

We call our culture #superagile, because it involves more than just agile. In addition to self-organizing and cross-functional teams, this includes top-notch technologies, automation where it makes sense, a user-focused, value-driven attitude and a joyful atmosphere to work in.

We value teamwork, commitment, passion, innovation and creativity.

Dream big,   start small

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We are proud to have such an amazing group of people working together here at Concise.
Our core values have helped us hire not only the perfect professional fits, but also maintain a unique culture that has so many people saying their favourite thing about working here is “the people”.