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At Concise, we believe in changing the world by building digital products for growth companies.

We value teamwork, commitment, passion, innovation and creativity.

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With our flat organization structure, everyone is heard and has the opportunity to constantly learn new technologies, improve processes and develop their skills. Most of our customers are based in Scandinavia - some are product companies with millions of users, while some are newcomers to the market.

We call our culture #superagile, because it involves more than just agile. In addition to self-organizing and cross-functional teams, this includes top-notch technologies, automation where it makes sense, a user-focused, value-driven attitude and a joyful atmosphere to work in. We value teamwork, commitment, passion, innovation and creativity.

  1. flexibility

    the agreements you make with your team can be very flexible - working hours, working location and teams and projects you will be a part of

  2. personalized approach

    we take a very personalized approach to everything, such as your working equipment, your office gear and your health benefit package

  3. #superagile framework

    being agile isn’t enough for us, so we’ve tweaked it to be bigger and better in every way, you can check our e-book for more info

  4. global reach

    with clients all around the world, the impact that Concise has, can be seen and felt globally #concisechangestheworld

  5. sustainable ethics

    our approach to sourcing computers is still rare in Estonia, we maintain and re-purpose every computer that we have for many years and then donate them to less fortunate schools/families

  6. Estonian culture focus

    with free Estonian language courses during work hours and in-house, we take a lot of pride in keeping and advancing our Estonian culture

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