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our story

Agile is not enough, we want to be #superagile. Our framework is designed to support building scalable teams and software. It combines top-notch technology with agile principles and adds a growth hacking mindset. #superagile makes innovation cheaper by paying attention to the right thing at the right time. This is our path.

  1. 2012 january

    Concise Systems is founded

    company was founded to offer a formal service to EasyPark

  2. 2016 february

    reach 25 people

    it took almost 4 years to build a team of 25 passionate enthusiasts

  3. 2016 march

    partnership with Brighter

  4. 2017 november

    partnership with Swedbank

  5. 2018 october

    reach 50 people

    it took another 2 years to double the amount of passionate enthusiasts

  6. 2019 january

    #superagile is born

    this is what we believe in

  7. 2021 january

    #superagile book is published

  8. 2021 march

    #superagile app is released

    your best companion for conducting retros

  9. 2021 june

    Concise accelerator

    25 startups competing for a prize to win a product development companion for a month

  10. 2021 august

    reach 100 people

    3 years after reaching 50, we have doubled to reach 100 concisers

  11. 2021 september

    hackaton with Fairmus

    30 people locked for 36 hours on an island making miracles together with Fairmus (and yes, president Toomas Hendrik Ilves visited us by helicopter)

  12. 2022 april

    Katre Vahtra joins Concise

    new challenges with a new CEO

our values

  1. teamwork


    We believe in the saying the whole is greater than the sum of its parts or more simply put: 2+2=10. Actual teamwork doesn't happen by itself. People sitting in the same room doesn’t reflect teamwork. It requires a safe culture and understanding between its members.

  2. commitment


    Our Chief Technology Officer, Mikk Soone, has said that there is a reason why git commit is called commit. You take responsibility for the code. It's your commitment to check that the code running smoothly for your end-users and delivering the intended value. We feel that each team member thinks of the built product as their own.

  3. passion


    We see passion as an important part of our #superagile culture because it is the basis for our other values - teamwork, creativity, innovation, and commitment. Passion means that you care deeply about what you do and that it brings you joy. It is a journey towards both self-development and business success. When we hire new Concisers, we do not look for specific technology experience. We look for passion to build world-changing products. If you have that, you will learn playfully and quickly.

  4. creativity


    We believe in constant learning, trying out new technologies, and asking the business people to explain the ‘why’ of the product. We continue learning techniques to think outside of the box and believe in self-organizing teams who take ownership of the product they build. This is another reason we have supporting leaders instead of project managers. We take time to understand how we can be more and more creative.

  5. innovation


    Innovation is everywhere! It doesn't have to be a product. It can be anywhere - in processes, business models, or the way you do digital marketing for example. Close cooperation and trust is the key to successful partnerships. Innovation lies in teamwork because you cannot innovate without trust.

our leadership

  • Katre Vahtra

    Katre Vahtra

  • Mikk Soone

    Mikk Soone