Startups are challenged to make wise technical decisions since time and resources are minimal. Watch our fireside chat where four experienced technical leads will share their ideas.

We welcome to the discussion a guest startupper, Anton Narusberg from MeetFrank. Anton has been fully committed to MeetFrank since 2017 as a technical co-founder and CTO. Before that, he had a lengthy career as a Full-stack engineer, Mobile developer, Team Lead, and start-up founder. He joins our CTO, Mikk Soone, and 2 other experiences Tech Leads from Concise to discuss their experiences and find the balance.

Need help with making your development processes faster?

Here is an offer : Building java CI/CD pipeline.

We’ll build our lean CI/CD pipeline for any java based microservice. It consists of building an artifact, unit testing, integration testing with docker-compose, building a docker container, deploying to staging, running API tests on staging, and on success, deploying to production.

Normal price 480 euros, special price 280 euros. Contact us here: