Anxious to improve your product quicker and reach more end users? grow revenue and close deals? Apply to be part of June's Development Accelerator which includes:
  • 15 hours of product leadership and marketing mentoring
  • 10 hours of CTO as a service
  • several workshops and mini-hackathons
  • 200 hours of actual development
Guess what?! It's all FREE. No strings attached. All we ask is commitment to the program, high ambition and a desire to build the best product possible!

To enter as a candidate, all you need to do is apply (notice that the DEADLINE is 27th of May 19:00 CEST). Top 10 startups will be invited to a 20 minute video call and the winning startup will be announced on June 1st. And then the fun starts! That's it, it's that simple.

For more information or any questions about this event, please contact