Walk in your end-user's shoes

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BY Concise Sep, 15, 2020

We believe it is important to be empathic while working with your customers.

One tool we recommend to use is a halo strategy:

Look for extra information about the topic. Look through forums, social media, etc. Write down words that people use the most on those subjects and categorize them in 3 different groups: hopes, pains, and barriers. You will get to know what is important about that topic, product, or service for its customers.

In Concise product development teams, this result is not only used by product owners. We make sure the result is available to everyone in the development team so that every developer can walk in the shoes of the end-user. That helps to guarantee the correct product and service prioritizing according to customer's needs.

Life is too short to build something no one needs!

Bonus: When you have done this research you know the words to use in your marketing communication.

Read more about halo strategy from Sabri Suby’s book “Sell Like Crazy”

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