The story of how #superagile was born

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Aive uus

BY Aive uus Jan, 4, 2021

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Why #superagile?

#superagile is designed to support building scalable teams and software. It has a growth mindset and makes it easy to respond to new business opportunities in a quickly changing world.

It is not a process; it is a framework, approach, and a type of culture every startup benefits from. It combines top-notch technology with agile principles and adds a growth hacking mindset. It brings business, marketing, and development closer together to reduce expensive communication faults and spread ownership feeling across all team members.

In the end, it helps to save time and money. It makes innovation cheaper by paying attention to the right thing at the right time.

The story of #superagile birth

It was born on the 10th of January, 2019 created by Aive Uus, Mikk Soone and Andrei Zhuk. We had been involved for over half a year in looking deeper into Concise’s way of working and our vision for the future. Agile principles were widely in use, and by agile, it was not just about conducting a few scrum practices. It was more about understanding the real meaning behind agile and taking action. In addition to agile principles, this approach involves more specifics for ambitious digital product builders.

The word #superagile was born a few days before we flew to Helsinki to do our first sales pitch. Why did we choose this word? While testing it out, this was the word that got the most emotional reactions. People either loved it or hated it. But nobody stayed neutral. Some said agile is just a big buzzword and some enthusiastically got interested in whether it really takes agile one step further. How did the pitch go? Horribly. As first pitches usually do. But something great came out of it and thus, #superagile was born.

Recently, one Conciser gave feedback saying: “Everyone speaks about agile, but I have never before seen it working so well. It seems like magic how here it feels so simple and natural.”

Soon we will celebrate #superagile 2nd birthday with a brand new e-book published next week. You can order it for free at

I wish you all a successful and joyful year 2021! Keep on learning. We definitely will and continue improving #superagile.